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Company profile

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 Jiangyin Fulei Steel Processing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with a total area of 35331 square meters and approximately 110 employees. In 2018, the company obtained two utility model certificates: the logistics telescopic machine frame welding and flipping device (No. ZL201721183822.3) and the logistics telescopic machine frame assembly and positioning device (No. ZL201721184496.8), Obtained an invention certificate for the assembly and forming system of logistics telescopic machine frame (No. ZL201710832972.0) in 2019; And won the honorary title of Jiangsu Province Private Science and Technology Enterprise in 2018.
The company has large laser cutting machines (processing range: 25mm * 12m), CNC bending machines (processing range: 6000T * 14m), CNC shearing machines (processing range: 25mm * 12.2m), CNC turret punching, large cutting and stamping combined machines (processing range: thickness 4-20mm, width 2m * length 12m, punching diameter 6mm-127mm), CNC plasma underwater cutting, welding robots and other equipment to meet the different processing needs of customers.
The company adheres to a one-stop service from raw material procurement, roll flattening, laser cutting and dropping, shearing and bending, stamping and forming, welding and assembly, surface treatment, packaging and transportation, providing customers with consultation, design, sampling, and mass production, so that procurement costs, quality, and delivery time can be well evaluated in Fulei.
Broad accumulation leads to vastness, and focus leads to depth. In the past 14 years, Fulei has been constantly innovating and surpassing in its focus, looking forward to the future with great ambition. Young Fulei people will continue to focus on the field of steel plate processing, integrating talent, technology, equipment, management and other resource advantages, inheriting the corporate spirit of "integrity, stability, innovation, and hard work", grasping the pulse of the times, and creating new core competitiveness, We tirelessly strive to promote the overall progress of one-stop processing services for steel plates.

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